“Mongol food” Co., Ltd was established in 2003 to produce meat and meat products, foreign and inner trade and to broking trades.

         Mongol Food meat factory`s project plan was executed by Brandenburg Consulting, a German company, which is specialized by meat factory planning and equipments. It is planned to produce meat products in accordance with European technologies.

         Basement work of the plant was commenced in January 2004, completed in May 2008, and the construction work completed in December of the same year. Artesian well, 159 m of siding railroad were also constructed and commissioned in 2004.

          This plant is capable to produce 10-12 tons of processed meat products a day. There are 2 modern technology cold storages in the plant. The plant has an effective railway logistics solution that able to load raw materials directly from the plant.

         The ISO 9000 standard is applied at different stages of logistics such as raw material preparing, production, and sales.